Flying in from the metropolis of Plopham City, Crapman is here to add maximum toilet humour to your event.

In his day job, Ivor Pugh the Janitor is as unremarkable as they come. But Ivor has a hidden secret. Bitten as a young man by a rabid bath duck a change took place: When he is notified of large crowds of untidy old ladies or dirty horrible children, Ivor’s alter-ego takes over, and Crapman zooms in on his immaculate electric lavatory, toilet brush at the ready!

Expect  buffing, polishing, and scrubbing.

Expect gurgling,  flushing, parping.

Expect to giggle.

Crapman is entertaining to people of all ages, and his humour is always tailored appropriately for his audience, whether they are 3 or 93



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